Structured Cabling Services

 A system is only as good as its infrastructure, which means a communications systems is only as good as its underlying cabling. At Telcom,  we get that. From networks to fiber optics, we have the experience to implement a great solution. With Telcom Inc. in your corner, you'll have confidence in your networks backbone.

Outside Plant Cabling

Over the last 30+ years, Telcom has literally put hundreds of miles of cable into the ground, at times connecting entire South Carolina school districts with fiber optics. We do more than mega projects. We take on jobs that other companies won't. You can rely on our expertise to create a solid foundation to support your entire system.

Wireless Access Points and Bridges

Here at Telcom, we have installed thousands of wireless access points throughout the state of South Carolina. Indoor, outdoor and even site to site wireless connectivity between buildings that could be miles apart from one another! Let us design a wireless solution for you today.

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are must have today. These systems are your eyes and ears while you work or sleep. Telcom offers solutions to keep you protected and in the know of what goes on in your organization. Giving you the ability to watch the present or peer into the past. All of our solutions also allow for access from mobile devices.


Life was simple when Telcom started with office phone systems more than three decades ago. Now there are so many choices and technologies that a telephone is barely a start. We can install analog, digital, as well as voice over internet protocol (VOIP) phone systems. We'll help you choose the right system for you. 

Paging and Intercom Systems

Today's paging and intercom systems have very little resemblance to the ones your principal used to make the daily announcements. We can zone it, we can schedule it, we can even make it wireless. We are well equipped to install the perfect combination of capabilties you need.